The Bullfrogs & Butterflies™ Story

The Mother of Invention

When Mindy Fries discovered she was expecting her first baby, she rejoiced…and then she got down to business. Determined to enjoy every minute of her pregnancy—which included avoiding stretch marks at all costs—Mindy started auditioning stretch mark creams, which went a little like her very own version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. “This one’s too heavy… This one’s too smelly…” So Mindy set out to create a cream for herself that was “just right.” And with a background in makeup, and an encyclopedic knowledge of textures and ingredients, she was well equipped to know exactly what that just-right formula would be.

Multiple Pregnancies. No Stretch Marks

She used her own creation throughout her first pregnancy—and then through her next two—and after each delivery, nary a stretch mark was visible. That’s when she knew she wanted—NEEDED—to share her formula with other moms-to-be. She named her company Bullfrogs & Butterflies, in honor of her sons and daughter.



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