Baby Your Belly

Stretch Mark Prevention Cream…

A new rich, yet lightweight and extraordinarily gentle cream that smoothes on easily, absorbs instantly, dries quickly, and leaves even the most sensitive skin smooth, soft and silky all day.


Prevents Stretch Marks

For Everyone

Made with Hydroxyprolisilane to stimulate collagen production and elasticize skin.

Skin Feels Great

No more itching

Also contains rich, natural emollients, Vitamin E, an an anti-itch ingredient that calms and prevents discomfort and itching.


Feels good on your skin

Our formula leaves the skin moist, but not oily.  


Many Uses

 Whether you are getting back in the gym, changing your diet, or simply want great feeling and looking skin – our Stretch Mark Prevention cream is the way to go.

What exactly is a stretch mark?

A stretch mark is a scar. It forms when a tear occurs in the dermis layer of the skin. Who gets stretch marks? Everyone! 9 out of 10 people will get a stretch mark sometime in their life. Pregnant woman are not the only ones who are affected. 70% of adolescent girls will get stretch marks. Rapid weight loss or gain can cause them and don’t forget about men, that’s right men can and do get stretch marks!

But there is something you can do to help protect your skin, Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize! Prevention is KEY! The healthier your skin is before your journey, the better the outcome! We recommend starting your skincare regimen as soon as you find out you’re pregnant but don’t worry if you haven’t. The 6-7 month mark is really where the skin starts expanding at a faster rate so start as soon as you can. One last thing to remember is you can get stretch marks AFTER the baby is born, the skin has to go back to where it started so continue to use your cream for at least 3 months post baby.

Remember Ladies… Size DOES Count!


the bigger you are, the more product you need and don’t forget your other B’s (breast and butt)


Behind The Cream

Mindy Fries created her first conception of the Stretch Mark Prevention cream while she was pregnant with her first child, with the hope that she could avoid getting the almost inevitable stretch marks that are associated with having a baby. It worked! Three pregnancies later, she decided to share her discovery with the world.

Mindy Fries, CEM (Chief Executive Mommy)

I absolutely love the Stretch Mark Prevention Cream from Bullfrogs and Butterflies! It smells heavenly and really soothed my stretched belly skin during my twin pregnancy! I’m continuing to use it now that they’re here and I have seen great results in lessening the visibility of my stretch marks I got in my prior pregancies. I wish I had the cream back then! I am excited to share this with all my pregnant friends – definitely a go-to baby shower gift!

Helen J.

All I can say is thank goodness I found this cream! I’m on my second pregnancy and to find a product that helps with the crazy itching and instantly soothed my belly was pure heaven! I wish I would have had it with my first pregnancy.

Nadine P.

I love how the product is really absorbent! So many pregnancy creams tend to sit on top of the skin feeling greasy and they stick to your clothes. With a 50 pound weight gain I walked away with zero stretch marks!


I started using the bullfrog and butterflies stretch mark prevention cream because a friend of mine recommended it. I continued to use it because the cream itself was light weight, had a light pleasant spa like fragrance and was gentle enough for my sensitive skin. I gave birth to my son in july and I am so thankful to say that I have no stretch marks on my belly! Needless to say this will now be my go – to gift for all baby showers I attend!

Ann K.

“I really like this cream! I have been using it everyday… I didn’t get any stretch marks with my 1st baby and I definitely didn’t want any with this one either =) I also really like the way it smells! I’ve used other creams and they don’t smell as good as yours!”

Brianne R.

“I’ve been using the Stretch Mark Protection and not only does it smell totally amazing but it feels really good too! It’s not too heavy and absorbs so nicely and leaves you suuuper soft. My husband was all, “Babe you smell so good!” He never noticed when I put lotion on so this was a fun little bonus. And I don’t have any stretch marks! I’m buying this for all my pregnant friends.”

Brooke S.

Using it and LOVING it!! I am pregnant with my second and when I put it on it feels great and smells amazing and no stretch marks!! AWESOME.

Kate. H

This cream is great!! So smooth and light with a nice refreshing scent!! LOVE IT!!!

Brenda L.